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Canoo EVs Spotted outside of AT&T HQ

CANOO AT&T Artwork

Yesterday three Canoo electric vehicles were spotted outside of the AT&T Headquarters located in Dallas, Texas.

There was an LDV 190, a Bulldog Pickup truck and the OG Lifestyle Vehicle.

Canoo EV's spotted outside of AT&T HQ in Dallas TX
Canoo EV's spotted outside of AT&T HQ in Dallas TX

This should not be a surprise seasoned Canooers as their relationship has been speculated on since the beginning of 2022.

It has also been thought that AT&T is the Fortune 100 company that Canoo CEO Tony Aquila has made reference to in regards to having a pending announcement for an order in the works.

Tony Aquila Fortune 100

This is not the first time that has broken the news about Canoo being seen outside of a company's headquarters, and the last time we saw that, it did eventually turn into a finalized order.

What else sparked our interest is to confirm that Canoo has at least two of the American Bulldog Pickup Trucks made. Another one was spotted outside of a Walmart in Bentonville AR yesterday as well.

Although being seen outside of the AT&T HQ doesn't guarantee there will be a binding order it does indicate Canoo still has the attention of the nations biggest fleet owners.



I live in western Arkansas both near Bentonville and not far from OK City and Pryor, OK. I'm hoping to see some of their vehicles in person at Drive Electric or Earth Day events this spring. They've had vehicles at Drive Electric day in northwest AR in previous years, but at the time I saw one, I wasn't really seriously considering a Canoo. Now I have a reservation in for an LV, and I'm kicking myself for not taking a closer look when I had the chance.


Greg Link
Greg Link
Mar 05

Thanks for the post, love seeing these in the wild!


That's awesome! Slowly but surely! Go Canoo!

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