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Canoo Releases Virtual Showroom

This morning Canoo released a refreshed version of their website,

The highlight of this update is the introduction of the fun and entertaining "Virtual Showroom" where one can tap or click around a small compound and explore the Canoo platform and their various tophat variants in a unique and interactive way.

The three main areas of the compound once you get past the Multiple Purpose Platform (MPP) area are are titled PLAY, WORK, and TACTICAL, reflecting Canoo's diverse range of vehicles designed for different purposes.


Canoo The Canoo Virtual Showroom
Lifestyle Vehicle Information

In the PLAY section of the Virtual Showroom, users can hop into the back of a lifestyle vehicle to get a sense of just how spacious it is and read up on the different interior options and features. Going back further leads to the SPECIAL LV exhibit showing off the NASA x Canoo Crew Transport Vehicle and an unmarked plain Lifestyle Vehicle, perhaps acting as a placeholder for the next special custom ordered variant. Canoo does have a full size clay model of a lifted Ambulance version outside of their Oklahoma City factory.


Canoo LDV 130 & 190 Information
LDV 130 & 190 Information

The spotlight here includes the delivery versions named LDV 130 and LDV190, finely tuned to meet the demands of efficient logistics. From last-mile deliveries to broader cargo transport, Canoo's commitment to reshaping the way goods are moved and services performed is evident in the thoughtfully designed features of these delivery variants.

Although at the moment there isn't any information about them, the Multiple Purpose Delivery Vehicle (MPDV) is also there, in three different sizes being displayed.


Canoo Pickup Freatures
Canoo Pickup Features

Although the pickup truck is seemingly under the Tactical area, we're going to file this one under PLAY and WORK as well since this will likely be their most popular variant and will fit use cases for almost all those future Canooers out there.

Users can open up the front-gate, the tailgate, turn the lights on, have the bed extended and see other accessories.

Canoo Screaming Eagle and American Bulldog
More details on the SE and AB trucks coming soon

Leaving the pickup behind heads into an exhibit that is tagged as "COMING SOON" showing off the Screaming Eagle and American Bulldog variants. We really cant wait to see the inside of the full cab and get a better look inside.


Canoo Sport Sedan coming soon
Canoo Sport Sedan

Although not officially released, Canoo has stepped up their game with teasing the existence of a sporty futuristic sedan. Images of the sedan were leaked after someone saw it being unloaded at their Torrance, CA office in 2021 but since then Canoo has kept the project under wraps, quite literally, having the vehicle under a cover during various press events.

In the very back of the showroom, stands an exhibit offering a tantalizing glimpse of the Sport Sedan shape, barely visible through frosted glass, creating anticipation for the sporty addition to the Canoo lineup. You can also see an outlined version in the very beginning of the showroom along with all the other variant tophats.

Whats Next?

Hopefully soon once Canoo has a better grip on when they can expect to sell to the general consumer users, they will be able to build and custom order their own personal Canoos!

Go check it out for yourself at

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