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Canoo's Oklahoma City Plant - "Ahead of Schedule"

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

We have what is just a minor update, but even as short as the report might be, we think it'll be encouraging to all you Canooers out there. A sales manager for a company by the name of NRTC Automation posted some highlights on a project for an unnamed client. Although it can't be said for certain, we believe this client is Canoo and specifically about the Oklahoma City Facility.

The original update reads as follows, dated 5/27/23:

"NRTC Automation’s latest project - from teardown in Michigan to deliver and Set back up in Oklahoma - job is still in progress but after 8 days is already completely torn down, last truck ships tomorrow and already installing the system. Three pictures, start of job - teardown complete and latest progress…."

"Start of job"

Teardown Complete

Progress as of 5/27/23

As of 5/29/23, another update and an additional photo has been supplied as follows:

"Day 8 progress

Gantry and carriages all up - guarding 90% and working on devices inside into their final positions - progress is ahead of schedule"

Progress as of 5/29/23

Although just because this contractor is ahead of schedule, doesn't mean the entire project is, but, we are very excited to see the construction of the robotic assembly line happening faster then we had imaged. Truly something to celebrate!

We'd like to give a special thanks to "Coronasrus" for providing the tip about this source of information! If you have something you'd like to share, please contract us!

Authors disclosures: I am long Canoo - I own common shares, warrants and call options.

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תגובה אחת

With both limited competition in the class 1 & 2 electric vehicle market startup of Canoo's offerings will be welcomed by industry. Haven't seen OEM's, even Tesla, run smoother ramp ups. Cybertruck, brightdrop, took longer with greater problems. Go Canoo....

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