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Canoo shows "Signs" of Progress with New Signage at OKC Facility

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Rendering of the temporary Canoo sign replacing the Terex sign
Rendering of the new Canoo signage, Oklahoma City.

Spotted today at Canoo's forth coming Oklahoma City manufacturing plant and shared with us was a new sign installed at the main manufacturing plant entrance as well as a large temporary sign that was in mid-installation at the campus entrance off the frontage road. A higher quality and permanent sign will be forth coming at some point. Both signs being replaced previously donned the name of the former owner, Terex, who sold the property to AFV Partners, an investment firm owned and controlled Canoo's CEO and chairman, Tony Aquila.

New Canoo Signage at the Main Manufacturing Plant
New Canoo Signage at the Main Manufacturing Plant

Canoo has previously said it expects to eventually employ 500 workers at the site once manufacturing is fully underway. Some of the Oklahoma City job openings posted by Canoo are:

Temporary Canoo Signage mid-installation
Temporary Canoo Signage mid-installation

Temporary Canoo Signage mid-installation
Temporary Canoo Signage mid-installation

Last month, Canoo gave an update stating that significant progress had been made at the facility internally with photos of the assembly line being installed. However, there is something certainly more tangible about large signs being installed that the local public can see and share.

During the last Earnings Release, Tony indicated they might complete 20-30 vehicles by years end but that the real target was to reach "manufacturing readiness" by years end with a possible run rate of 20,000 vehicles a year.

With only 2.5 months remaining it is still possible but might end in a photo finish.


UPDATE: Canoo put out some posts on social media indicating today was a bigger milestone than we had initially gathered. It would seem not only have they raised some signs, but that it also signifies that potentially all the required robots and equipment needed for production has been installed and all that remains is to be validated and have all the needed parts and materials needed on hand for that "manufacturing readiness" target.

"ITS OFFICIAL: Canoo's transition of equipment to OKC is complete - furthering our commitment to producing high-quality EVs in Oklahoma. In response to this move-in, we have 1,300+ jobs on the horizon for Oklahoma, 30+ OKC job postings are live, and recruitment is underway, with many more coming through the pipeline. We're partnering with workforce development leaders—Career Tech and higher education institutions including The University of Oklahoma —to empower our local talent pool. We’re working closely with tribal nations—Cherokee and Pawnee Nation—to train and staff our operations. Our production line is undergoing validation, ensuring operational excellence. Together with the great state of Oklahoma and our tribal partners, Canoo's future looks brighter than ever―stay tuned. We are grateful for the people who have welcomed us to Oklahoma." - Canoo 10/16/23

Canoo Manufacturing Entrance. Oklahoma City.
Canoo Manufacturing Entrance. Oklahoma City. Source: Canoo

 Workers put the finishing touches on installing a Canoo wrap.
Workers put the finishing touches on installing a Canoo wrap. Source: Canoo


Last December, Chris Moore, a VP at Canoo, gave a presentation to the Oklahoma City Council on their plans for the facility in a bid to win $1M in incentives. You can watch that presentation below:

Canoo New Signage


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