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Canoo sighted taking a tour of DC landmarks

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

On Sunday afternoon three Canoo gamma prototypes were spotted doing a couple of laps around the National Mall in Washington, DC by an eagle eyed twitter user and Canoo fan.

The National Mall is America’s most visited national park and is described as where "the past, present and future come together". It is centrally located in Washington, DC, stretching from the Lincoln Memorial on the west end to the U.S. Capitol on the east end.

It certainly is fitting to the theme of past and future coming together to see these "next generation" beauties in the foreground to such an historic landmarks. Ironically, or perhaps purposefully, September 18th as a date holds a treasured memory in respect to the U.S. Capitol building. On September 18, 1793, a mere 229 years ago, George Washington laid the cornerstone of the building. (a cornerstone is traditionally the first stone laid for a structures foundation)

According to the photographer who put out the original tweet and supplied us with photos, the Canoo vehicles did a couple laps and then stopped for a little while at the WW2 memorial and Washington Monument to take some promotional pictures or footage.

A reddit user claimed the three Canoos were later spotted around 6PM at the Marine Corps War Memorial in Arlington, Virginia and someone else reached out to let us know they were also seen at the Pentagon. Although both of these sightings are unconfirmed we are inclined to believe them, especially the Pentagon.

On July 12th, Canoo put out a Press Release that the Dept of Defense/US ARMY had awarded them a contract to supply one of their Electric Vehicles for analysis and demonstration. Just last week Rep Steve Womack, who sits on the House Committee on Appropriations, hinted that perhaps Canoo has that contract in the bag when he tweeted that Canoo had "been chosen to...also support future Army capabilities."

Other notable government agencies located in Washington is the of course the most obvious being the White House, but also Department of Energy and the United States Postal Service. If you heard or saw Canoo at any location we'd love to hear about it!

USPS Headquarters in Washington DC

It's likely Sundays sightings weren't exclusive to just getting promotional material while driving around DC for a photo shoot but more probable to be involved with an investor event similar to their Boston and New York roadshow. That took place over 2 days without much fan fair and zero public awareness prior to it kicking off. If Canoo is still sticking around I'm sure we'll get a tweet or two about it, or at the very least some good video presentations at their next ER/Holiday tweet.

I've been wondering what a good collective noun would be for describing a gathering of Canoo vehicles together and after yesterdays tour I'd like to put forward "a governance of Canoos" as a top candidate.

Authors disclosures: I am long Canoo - I own common shares, warrants and call options.



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