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Canoo to receive tax credit for battery module production

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

The Inflation Reduction Act gives a tax credit of $10 per kWh for US produced battery

modules - which are the groups of cells bundled together to make up the battery pack. The Canoo LV on the MPP 1.0 is spec'd to have an 80kWh pack - this means an $800 rebate to Canoo for every LV they push out the door. Although the MSRP of the LVD is listed at starting at $35k, according to Tony, the LVD's they're selling to Walmart are going for $30k a unit. So this represents about a 2.3 - 2.6% rebate on each unit sold.

Tony Aquila from Q1 2022 ER

Canoo is expecting to hit a run rate of 20k per year near the end 2023 and double that near the end of 2024 - so lets be lazy and just call it 10k units produced in 2023 & 20k units in 2024. At $800 a pop this would equal a $24 Million dollar rebate over the 2 years - not too shabby!

This also doesn't factor or include the unproven rumors that Canoo might be selling MPP's to other OEMs such as Apple, BMW/Mini or Nissan. If any of those rumors are true, Canoo stands to make quite a pretty penny as just the skateboard itself should be easier and faster to ramp up production on than the entire Lifestyle vehicle.

Of course, as any bear worth his salt will tell you, "production is hell" so promises aren't enough - Canoo will have to prove they can execute & I believe they will.

Authors disclosures: I am long Canoo - I own common shares, warrants and call options. #canoo #panasonic #IRA #SOP #bentonville #taxcredits


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