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SPOTTED: Google using a Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle for Campus Shuttle

Canooers article photo showing a Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle and a Google logo.

On Thursday this week, a minty looking Canoo lifestyle vehicle was spotted in the Belmont, California area leaving investors speculating as to what Canoo was doing there.

Today, this same vehicle was spotted at the Google Sunnyvale campus, only this time it was sporting decals with the Google logo signifying it is being used as a shuttle for Google employees.

a Canoo LV with a Google Shuttle Decal
Canoo LV with a Google Shuttle Decal

Google has an internal app that employees can download and use to get rides between campuses. They also have large busses that are heavily used that help employees commute to and from work around the bay area.

The buses or shuttles improve employee quality of life, and that of local residents; they ease congestion and are better for the environment.

With this Canoo sighting at the Sunnyvale campus it is apparent that Google and Canoo have a closer relationship than initially evident when Onix had a Canoo at their booth during this years Google Next conference.

That appearance was in relation to Canoo using Onix to facilitate their Fleet Management software which is powered by Google Cloud services.

Being a Customer of Google isn't much of shout about, however, Google being your customer is very much something and hopefully we can learn more about this endeavor at Canoo's upcoming Earnings Release on November 14th.

Google Campus Shuttle Vans as seen on Google Street View
Google Campus Shuttle Vans as seen on Google Street View

What do you think? Is this Canoo Google Shuttle something small and insignificant or does your mind jump to a possible connection between Canoo and Google's autonomous taxi program Waymo?

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