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Canoo Makes Appearances in Netflix Movie Atlas

Netflix's latest Sci-Fi action movie Atlas featuring Jennifer Lopez with a plot against a rouge AI robot has (3) real world Electric Vehicle appearances.

While this is not the first time Canoo has appeared in streaming entertainment, it is the first major studio appearance in a film and it is featured extensively in scene set up to sell you that it takes place in the future.

Canoo wasn't the only electric vehicle featured however, there were also brief sightings of a Delorean Omega and Aptera's 3 wheeled pod vehicle.

In the official trailer for the film, it featured a flying Aptera but this appears to have not made the final cut of the film.

You can watch the entire scenes available here:



Well, it’s not the same as actually producing trucks and recovering the stock price, but I guess it’s something

Replying to

Perhaps David, but look what RoboCop did for the Ford Taurus.

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