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Canoo Debuts American Bulldog Quad Cab Truck

Canoo American Bulldog
Canoo American Bulldog. Source: Canoo

Canoo unveiled the "American Bulldog" Light Tactical Vehicle Quad Cab this morning with a press release and video on youtube. This isn't the first time it's been seen, as Canoo did show it off in a private expo event for US Military and government personnel, and actually forecasted the coming of this truck when we wrote about a full cab truck appearing in some NHTSA filings,

Front Headlights of the Canoo Bulldog
Front Headlights of the Canoo Bulldog. Source: Canoo

While the video and press photos of the Bulldog are awesome and inspiring, there wasn't anything given in terms of expected specifications, pricing or timing on production. Canoo says this is a variant of the original Light Tactical Vehicle(LTV) they debuted just before delivering it to the US Army for testing last December.

Sandy Munro hits the Canoo LTV carbon Kevlar exterior with a mallet
Sandy Munro hits the Canoo LTV with a mallet

If we assume the bulldog has the same or similar specifications then we know the bulldog incorporates carbon Kevlar, all wheel drive with up to 600 hp, air springs and a raised suspension compared to the Lifestyle vehicle.

Seeing as how original LTV was designed specifically with the US Military in mind, it's interesting that their video seemed more directed at the rugged American blue collar working class type suggesting this won't be a military exclusive.

Canoo American Bulldog
Canoo American Bulldog. Source: Canoo

Canoo claims the Bulldog is a high-tech marvel that most engineers wouldn't believe without seeing, and while we don't dispute that claim, we just want to know more about it!

We have to end on a familiar ground here at Canooers - and that is expectantly waiting for the next Earnings Release to hopefully find out more information! Thankfully the wait isn't long, and now we get to view these beautiful photographs and video all weekend long while we wait for this Tuesday.

All photos courtesy of Canoo:


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So, vs the pickup it looks like we lose the frunk, the side step/drawers, and possibly the 2 ft bed extender. We gain all wheel drive, macho, and maybe a $20K bump in sticker price. What a deal. Some information would be nice.

I'm still patiently and loyally waiting for my shot at actually seeing and buying one, but their corporate behavior stretches me a little thin. I appreciate the community's efforts in teasing out little bits of info, but should we really be depending on being informed by citizens named WheresPaunch and GearboxPizza? Come on now; step up.


Are you planning to offer a camper van?

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