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Canoo is Developing Right Hand Drive Delivery Vehicles and More!

Canoo LDV 190 with USPS livery
Canoo LDV 190 with USPS livery by

The last time Canoo updated paperwork with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration(NHTSA), we spotted and broke the news they were working on a full cab pick up truck, this turned out to be the Quad Cab LTV variant that Canoo just unveiled this past Friday called the American Bulldog.

Now we're back with another exciting update to tell you Canoo is developing Right Hand Drive(RHD) variants of the LDV series, both the original round back LDV 130 and its larger brother the LDV 190.

Canoo RHD NHTSA Paperwork
Canoo Homologation paperwork filed with the NHTSA

It is worth noting that the United States Market is specifically called out, so don't get confused and think that Canoo is expanding internationally just yet. While we can't guarantee that these are being developed for the US Postal Service, they are the most likely target of these vehicles and they(USPS) were seen having both models of the LDV in their possession just last month, although those ones appeared to be LHD.

"RHD vehicles are generally superior to LHD vehicles in terms of efficiency, performance, and safety for Postal Service routes" - USPS Management

Screenshot from an un-offical postal workers Facebook group. Edited to maintain privacy
Screenshot from an un-offical postal workers Facebook group. Edited to maintain privacy

We've been covering Canoo and their budding relationship USPS for over a year now, and we know that USPS is very keen on RHD vehicles and have said they would order more than the current allotment if additional RHD vehicles would become available - and it sure seems concrete now that Canoo is looking to make them available!


One of two other noteworthy items in the updated paperwork is that Canoo is working on a special Lifestyle Vehicle for the Middle East market called the "LV Lux" which might even logically go beyond the highest trim for the USA market, "Premium".

Canoo NHTSA Filing
Canoo Homologation paperwork filed with the NHTSA

Last year Canoo signed an exclusive import/distributor deal with the biggest importer in Saudia Arabia, GCC Olayan, although local residents were able to reserve and pre-order vehicles, there were no details on timing provided and left many there feeling disappointed. Seeing a vehicle specifically called out for Middle East market being worked on will surely bring delight to fans of the company in the area.

The LTV Quad Cab American Bulldog
The LTV Quad Cab American Bulldog, Source: Canoo

The other item that caught our eye was there are two versions of the new Quad Cab LTV being shown. the LTV-S, identified as a "Utility Truck" and the LTV- Q is tagged as a Pick Up. At the moment we aren't too sure what the difference between those are, perhaps one will be for military sales and the other for commercial/industrial clients. We eagerly look forward to what developments come next!



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